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MDP Restaurant Group

MDP Restaurant Group is a privately owned, multi-concept, quick-service restaurant managing company formed in 2020. Headquartered in the Orlando, Florida area. MDP operates over a dozen restaurants across five states. MDP Restaurant Group was born out of a shared friendship that followed working for the same company and operating the same restaurant concepts. While each founding member brings different experiences and perspectives to the table, we all share a passion for food, service, and delivering the highest-quality hospitality to our customers.


Photo of our founders, Aaron Stevens, Antonio Schiano and Massimiliano Costagliola.

Bringing People Together

MDP Restaurant Group operates under one important principle. Food brings people together. Our restaurants blend old traditions, stand-out Asian recipes, and offer a new twist with healthier ingredients and options. We prioritize service because we welcome thousands of great customers every day and want each experience to be delicious.

Delicious Brands

MDP Restaurant Group owns the brands BAMBUU Asian Eatery and HASUU Japan and operates Asian Chao, Maki of Japan, Tobu restaurants as a franchise partner of Food Systems Unlimited. We are also franchise Currito locations.

BAMBUU Asian Eatery logo.
HASUU Japan logo
Asian Chao Maki of Japan Tobu unified group logo.
Currito logo.
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